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Wood Fired Hot Tubs

For an exceptionally natural and soothing hot tub experience, look no further than a wood fired model. Wood fired hot tubs harness the original hydrotherapy of hot springs through modern sustainable technology that heats clean water using real wood flames.

At the heart of a wood fired hot tub is a stainless steel wood stove that burns hardwood to cleanly and efficiently heat the water to your desired relaxing temperature. Temperature is precisely controlled between 80 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as you need by adjusting the fire - no electricity required. Most models allow you to continue enjoying the hot tub even while refueling more wood every 1 to 2 hours.

Enjoying a good soak surrounded by the glow and aroma of a crackling natural wood fire creates an incredibly comforting, nostalgic and tranquil atmosphere. The experience calms the mind, relieves muscle tension and simply makes you feel amazing. What's more, wood fired hot tubs feature durable insulted construction paired with the latest filtration innovations to keep maintenance easy and water fresh, clean and clear.

Modern wood fired hot tubs by leading manufacturers like Northern Lights are also customizable to your space and aesthetic tastes with options like red cedar or Douglas fir timber finishes. Some feature a 360 degree wrap-around bench for ultimate comfort. With no electrical costs whatsoever, wood fired hot tubs represent an eco-friendly and self-sustainable way to make hot tubbing a regular lifestyle ritual.

So if you crave the most natural, forest-like hot tub experience possible right in your own backyard, choose a masterfully-crafted wood fired model from a reputable brand. Initial investment is reasonable when you factor in the zero electrical running costs and durable lifetime construction. Your body, mind and planet will thank you.

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